Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron (AoU) is both an immensely enjoyable film that also does a great job at setting up the future of the franchise. I’ve heard from many that feel as though this film sets up too much and is not a stand alone film. At this point, the Marvel Cinematic Universe consists of 10 movies along with multiple television series. To think the 11th movie in this franchise would be wholly a standalone feature and not set up for the next phase of films is a bit ridiculous. To ignore the future films and not show the influence of the past movies would be awkward. Avengers AoU serves as a bridge… a really fun bridge.  

How does it compare to Avengers(2012) many may ask? It is hard to say. It is like getting a second serving of your favorite meal. Maybe as good as the first time or maybe not as exciting, it’s up to you. Many may feel as though Avengers (2012) took the wind out of the sails of Avengers AoU. To me, I went in knowing what it was like but enjoyed it even more the second time. Avengers AoU took everything we loved from the first and improved upon it. The banter between the team, the humor, the panning action shots and the villain. Ultron himself was great. His personality is not what you’d expect but it worked well. His end game is cliche but for an A.I. villain it was expected. He could have used a couple scenes to show his capabilities but it is still well done with what we got.  A new character named The Vision was also a huge game changer and he does something that made the theater go silent then roar into applause (premier audiences are always huge nerds <3), I’ll leave it at that. The humor in superhero movies, especially Marvel ones, always surprises me. The humor is written by people who not only understand their audience but the relationship between the characters as well. It also just makes the movie way more fun.

At times the films pacing felt off, this could have improved by making this a 3 hour movie (AoU was 2hrs and 21 mins). There was plenty of action but one character needed some extra time. Won’t say who. There is also a certain character that gets huge development and I can see becoming a fan favorite in the next couple years. It added a human side to all the chaos that is happening in the MCU.  The action is insane, the combos and the shots of the team working together is great.  I really looked forward to those action shots and  I got what I wanted.

Also felt like this one has more style compared to the first. The way the colors and filters were used really made it unique.

In the end this movie is one of the most entertaining I have seen in a long time, possibly since Avengers (2012). The only question is now, how do you top this?



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