Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Alright. Where to begin. Let’s begin with the title of this movie. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. That’s what they named it. Scratch the first half and that would be more accurate. We seem to get more build up to the Justice League in this film than the actual supposed fight in the title.

Dawn of Justice opens strongly and beautifully with an introduction to our Batman. In a way, Dawn of Justice serves as a sequel to Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight Rises. We get to see what a retired and tired Batman would be like, and trust me, it is awesome.

But as the movie progressed I slowly started to feel as though it was fizzling out and branching into various different directions. From Bruce Wayne’s point of view we moved to Clark Kents/Supermans, Lois Lanes, Lex Luthors, Diana Princes and various other supporting characters. This created a dizzying and incoherent film overall. We can call this The Amazing Spider-man 2 effect.

You all know I love superheroes. Zack Snyder is my favorite visual director. He creates rich and color films. I was extremely excited for this movie and the negative reviews did not phase me. Batman was my first favorite superhero growing up. My loyalties do not lie with Marvel. DC has incredible stories and characters at their disposal. But this film was just not that good.


Before I get into it lets talk about the positives because I do not hate this movie.


Let us start with Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. For the entire 3 minutes Wonder Women is in the film we get some pretty awesome action sequences (all of which are shown briefly in the trailer… Kinda sad). Diana Prince gets a fair amount of face time as well. Gal Gadot did a great job as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman’s musical theme is very fitting and unique.

Again, Ben Afflecks Batman was pretty awesome. After watching this film all I want is a Batman solo film with Affleck. Mostly because he needs to be developed and fleshed out a bit more in regards to his morals (if you watch the film and know Batmans characteristics you’ll know what I’m talking about). He was the best part of this film. I really want to see more of the Batman mythology on screen.

The music in the film is well done as always. Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL did an excellent job.

There are many scenes within the movie that are beautifully directed by Zack Snyder. The opening of the film was strong because of this. I won’t say what the opening is but it was extremely well done.

Henry Cavill is an excellent Superman. But in Dawn of Justice he was poorly written and executed. He was glum and seemed like a total bummer to be around. It is sad to see such an awesome character go to waste.


I’m going to keep rolling with the negatives from here on out.


Overall the film unfolds in a very unpleasant and jarring way. The editing is exactly what it shouldn’t be if you are going to be introducing many different characters(which is a mistake within itself). Scenes tend to just happen after one another without any explanation or build up. Transitions to the varying story lines are not smooth which makes for a very unsatisfying experience. It doesn’t feel wholesome. Also without going into spoiler territory there are many things that happen in this film that the average viewer would not understand and/or appreciate. I thought those things were cool but putting it into this film just didn’t feel like the time and place. Again, too much stuff crammed into 2 and a half hours.

Along with that comes the dialogue of the film. For example, it seems like everything Lex Luthor says is trying to be extremely philosophical which just makes him exhausting to listen to. Most characters had nothing important to say and when they did speak it was in a way that real people would not say it.

Running with what I said about Lex, Jesse Eisenberg is not Lex Luthor. He is a great actor but his Lex Luthor was dog shit. They might as well have made the Joker the villain of the movie because of the way Lex acts. Lex is supposed to be suave, cold and calculating but this Lex was more a spoiled brat like Kylo Ren mixed with the Joker (that actually sounds like a good villain combination…BUT NOT FOR LEX LUTHOR).  I get when writers and actors want to have a new take on a character but this was not Lex Luthor.

Dawn of Justice, being a setup for Justice League Part One in 2017, does a bad job at setting it up. It is extremely lazily done and extremely heavy handed. I feel frustrated and let down at how bad it was just by typing this out.

Also much of the wind was take out of the sails of this film because of the trailers. I don’t believe one should have to avoid trailers. You should be able to watch them and be surprised and entertained no matter how many trailers you watch. This film is the perfect example of how revealing trailers are nowadays. The second trailer that was released for this film is pretty much a summary for the entire thing.  

I wanted so bad for this film to be good which is why I am so frustrated it turned out the way it did. People complain about DC trying to play catch up with Marvel in their own way. Playing catch up or not Dawn of Justice did not pan out to be a good movie. I don’t even think it would be entertaining for children. The few fight scenes there were are short and messy. This film has zero rewatchability. I will give it another try once it is out on DVD but even then I don’t think I could get through another viewing.

There are a few good takeaways but overall Dawn of Justice is not that good.  



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