A bit of discussion before my review:

Before I get started on how good Deadpool was I think I need to talk about how important this movie really is. Deadpool was created by Ryan Reynolds and comic book fans. Over a year ago test footage for the movie was leaked on the internet. Some say it might have been leaked by Reynolds himself. This footage received positive feedback by almost everyone as it truly captured the spirit of the Deadpool character. Reynolds started building his passion project from the ground up, slowly releasing pictures on social media and getting more fan backing everyday. Soon one of the biggest questions about the movie was answered, it would rated R. Anyone familiar with Deadpool knows anything lower than a R-rating would not serve the film any justice. Deadpool being rated R and begin a huge success within the first few weeks really shows the studios that they should not be afraid of releasing and creating R-rated content. Hopefully this opens the doors for more films that would benefit from a R-rating. One film I believe would benefit from this is Hugh Jackmans last Wolverine movie set to release in 2017. Of course just because you can create a rated R movie does not mean you should. Movies such as the Avengers and many other Marvel Cinematic Universes films would not benefit form an R-rating. Marvel’s Netflix spin offs such as Dare Devil and Jessica Jones have seen huge success from an R-rating amongst great writing, acting and directing.

Director of 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, put it the best way. Within the next few months if you pay attention, you will see movies “Like Deadpool” being green lit. He experienced this with Guardians.  Many movies and trailers wanted to be like Guardians and not their own thing, which Gunn believes is dangerous and treats us, the audience, as if we are stupid.

The review:

I want to start off talking about Colossus. The first time we saw him was in X2 (2003) and the last time we saw him was in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014); both films being excellent in their own ways but not in their treatment of Colossus. He hardly had screen time or dialogue in these films and when he did his Russian accent was absent. Deadpool captured the spirit and look of Colossus. He was a gentle giant who only wanted the best for all those around him. He provided for some unique comedic scenes and awesome action. I was looking forward to him the most in the movie and was not let down. His young trainee, Negasonic Teenage Warhead,  has one of the best X-Men costumes ever seen on screen.

Deadpool himself was one of the most perfect incarnations of any comic book character we have ever seen. His costume was spot on and he was brought to life by Ryan Reynolds; I couldn’t see anyone else as Deadpool, Reynolds was made for the role. The Merc with a mouth was psychotic, funny and didn’t pull any punches with his jokes. There was also room for some dramatic and heavy content that gives us more understanding of the character and what he devotes his life too.

The writing in the movie is some of the most entertaining and clever I have ever witnessed. The jokes can be blatant and in your face or completely obscure references that only some of the audience will appreciate.  The action was gory, creative and funny.

There is so much to say about this movie but it is something you really need to experience and enjoy. The sense of humor may not be for everyone but there is something for everyone in Deadpool. All my expectations were met.



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