Chappie is worth seeing. Rating and box office wise it isn’t doing so well but when I left the theater I wasn’t sure if I saw the same movie as all the critics. It’s getting a lot of hate for no apparent reason. Neil Blomkamp (Director) takes a couple pages out of District 9 because he knows what worked in that flick. I wasn’t sure about Yo-landi and Ninja from DIE ANTWOORD but they fit right in with the weird world that we are introduced too. The use of their music was great but that’s also my one gripe with the movie, it did not have enough of their music. I would have been great to see some more music video-like scenes. Hugh Jackmans character is really weird and his motivation is almost nonexistent. Dev Patel is interchangeable with almost any actor. Chappie himself (voiced by Sharlto Copley) is one of the best (right up there with Andy Serkis’ Caesar) motion capture characters I’ve seen. He looks super realistic and along with his mannerisms is worth the admission price alone…on a half price day(?). I was afraid for Blomkamp after Elysium but I really think Chappie got him back in the game. The film also explores something that we have been seeing in A.I. movies and will be seeing in the future which is the soul. The most recent movie I saw that played with the idea of the soul was Robocop (2014) in which it made zero sense. The only thing that’s left of Alex Murphy / RoboCop after his accident is his head. In the final climax he some how overrides a system that was controlling his robot body, the argument is that his soul override it. I came out of that movie wanting to pull my hair out. Chappie plays with the idea of the soul and consciousness and transferring minds to different bodies. Without spoiling the movie, soul and consciousness are dealt with very loosely. I wouldn’t call it lazy writing because to explore such a topic in a Hollywood movie would be risky and may bore your audience. Do not go to Chappie expecting the next social critique from Neil Blomkamp, go to enjoy one of the may takes on A.I. that we will be seeing in the near future.


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