Jurassic World

For about 2 hours Jurassic World made me feel like a little kid again.  I was only a year old when Jurassic Park came out but I eventually watched it sometime in the late 90’s. Like many others, I was in awe. The dinosaurs looked so real, Spielberg really did bring them back from the dead.

Jurassic World did a great job at grabbing the audience that grew up with the first movie. There were frequent nods to Jurassic Park which was exactly what it needed to do. I won’t tread into spoiler territory but all those nods really are what this movie incredibly special and entertaining. I got exactly what I wanted from this movie and more. The end action sequence made me want to squeal.  The entire film was very nostalgic, I would compare it to Toy Story 3 level nostalgia. Jurassic World is just one of those movies you cannot hate because the subject matter is so deeply ingrained in your childhood.

Another reason this film is great is its timing when out market is saturated with superhero movies. Now, do not get me wrong I’m not complaining about superhero movies but seeing dinosaurs on the big screen after such long time was very refreshing. Also Jurassic World was treated as a monster movie which was a great idea. The film doesn’t let up with the “uh oh” moments.

Actor wise everyone plays their respective roles well. Chris Pratt is Chris Pratt which is great. In films like this actors are mostly used as bodies for us too follow and relate too.

Jurassic World is full of touching moments and if you grew up with Jurassic Park you’re in for some great surprises. An extremely fun and satisfying movie.



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