Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road will be looked upon as the quintessential action movie of our time. It is hands down one of the best movies of 2015. The story was simply a vessel for the action sequences which comprise 85% of the running time. The action sequences were incredible and are what made this movie completely unique. They are something future film makers should take note of. It has been too long where we get action movies that are blurry and incoherent. Mad Max does away with these recent trends like shaky-cam and blurry shots making it easy to track every character and what they are doing. Fury Road has singlehandedly raised the standard for action films. The cinematography was beautiful, most of the film was shot during the day and with a lot of oranges and yellows, but there are night scenes where it is competently blue and black. The action scenes were framed in beautiful wide shots, kudos to the stunt crew and camera men that were involved in this production. The characters were great. Tom Hardy as Mad Max served more as a body in the film that we can follow to learn more about the world that we are being introduced too. The real stars of the film were many of the female characters. Charlize Theron was a badass and the other female characters were never treated as damsels in distress. That aspect of the movie was very refreshing. The movie is edited in a way that resembles a play or some sort of performance. Every time a scene was finished it faded to black which was almost like an exit stage left. After the fade out we see the characters in a new place and the new Act had begun. All I imagined was Cirque du Soleil the entire time. The soundtrack was produced by Junkie XL, who will be doing all of Batman’s music in Batman vs Superman, was great and fit the action sequences very well. My palms would turn sweaty every time the drums began to beat. It was a pure spectacle, there was little dialogue which had little impact on the film.

Another aspect of Fury Road that was extremely well done was the world building.The viewer is brought into a world where the people with the most resources are the ones who rule. They create religions about themselves and vehicles are worshiped. The characters were committed to their religion and their cause fully which made them even more interesting and intense.

Its rare that we see a film like this infiltrate the mainstream film scene and be available to a general audience. It isn’t restricted to a film festival. It’s nice to see that George Miller was able to create the Mad Max he always wanted to. He did his best in the 70’s and 80’s with what technology and resources he had but you could tell this is the Mad Max he always wanted. Not only is Fury Road exciting but it is also exciting to see that Warner Brothers studios took a chance and supported a director’s creative vision. We need more films that take chances like Fury Road. If Fury Road does well, which it has been critically, we will be seeing a lot more unique and exciting Sci-fi films in the near future. Go support Fury Road not only because it is a great movie but for the future of more unique film making.


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