Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond was a safe, fun and simple movie. The plot moved fairly quickly and did not slow down for the entire 2 hours. I don’t consider myself a fan of Star Trek or TV series. I am however, a fan of the recent trilogy (2009, 2013, 2016). I have watched a couple episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and can see why Star Trek is such a loved series. While watching Beyond it felt like an episode of the Star Trek series. The previous film, Star Trek: Into Darkness (starring Benedict Cumberbatch), was grand, thrilling and intense. With this being JJ Abrams last film before The Force Awakens he gave his Star Trek project a fantastic send off. Going from Into Darkness to Beyond is taking a slight step down in the intensity and grandiose department. The plot is simpler, the threat is less scary and the main villain is not as prominent. This does not make Beyond a bad movie, it is just that trilogies usually end with a bang and Beyond gave us a nice, sweet and simple close to the trilogy (even though a fourth is in development with Chris Hemsworth returning as Kirks dad).

The story gave focus to Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scott and Chekov. It was fun to see the crew working together and seeing how well they know each other and the bond they have. This is credited to Simon Peggs (Scotty) writing, love and knowledge of the Star Trek universe. I’m also positive that there were plenty of references and Easter eggs giving nods to The Original Series. I am not a watch of TOS but I am sure fans will love this film.

I wish the villain had more screen time (I won’t say who the actor was because for me it was actually a surprise) but other than that the movie is solid. Michael Giacchino has created a wonderful soundtrack for all 3 of these films and has composed music for many blockbusters in the past couple of years (Jurassic world, Inside Out, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes). Huge fan of his stuff and cannot wait to see what he has in store for Doctor Strange



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