Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This review will try and be vague as possible when talking about how much I enjoyed this film. Though I do advise those who want a untainted view of the film to ignore this review for now.

I’ll begin by saying if you think you have an idea of what happens because you watched the trailers you are wrong. There were so many questions that the crew at Disney were able to raise and not answer in the trailers.

The seventh chapter that is The Force Awakens was as a beautiful revitalization of the Star Wars franchise. It recaptures the spirit that we all know and love from the original trilogy. The cast that was introduced in this film are the ones that portray and present that spirit to us. Daisy Ridley as Rey gives us a powerful new female character and probably the best performance out of the new Generation of actors in this film. From memory all I know is that Daisy had only been in one short film that was uploaded to YouTube. She hit the jackpot but she earned it. She is a star in the making and has a huge career ahead of her. Oscar Isaacs as Poe Dameron is such a great choice of actor for the type of character Poe is. John Boyega as Finn was vibrant and one of the most modern of the characters throughout the film. He was just so fun to watch. It seems as though everyone had seen Adam Driver in something before Star Wars but I had not. Adam Driver as Kylo Ren was a very interesting character and watching him unfold was one of my favorite parts about the movie. I cannot wait to see certain characters and their development in the next couple chapters of the Star Wars story. Part of what made these characters come to life and made this movie very charming was the dialogue. It was very modern and did not try hard like the prequels to be Shakespearean and poetic. With this kind of dialogue came a sort of  Marvel feel to the film. The humor and certain scenes with the lovable BB8 gave me a familiar feeling that I love. You cannot go wrong with a little Marvel flair.  

One thing that I was so excited for in the film is seeing the revitalization/recreation of Star Wars since Revenge of the Sith in 2005. Since 2005 we have got so many amazing films, new technologies, movie tropes, unforgettable action sequences in superhero-movies and amazing stories. In 2015 we have accumulated so much in the film world and for Disney to take all that and forge a Star Wars film out of it is incredible. This was a fertile time for Star Wars to come out and it was the right time.

The film was beautifully directed and gave us grit that we did not see in the prequels. Specifically the elements of the film. Whether it was the sand on Finn’s face or the snow steaming off Kylo’s light saber, attention to detail to these sorts of things give the films so many more dimensions and greatness. Everything felt so real in this film because of the proper use of CGI and practical effects. Characters did not feel out of place like they did in certain scenes in the prequels.

Something that could have a review of its own is the music in The Force Awakens.  John Williams creates music that is an essential part of the Star Wars story. Hearing new themes gave me chills and the opening scroll was overwhelmingly amazing. Familiar music in the film was great but the new themes were powerful and are all soon to be classics. If you watch this in a good theater, such as IMAX or Ultra AVX (which I recommend),  you will also notice the sound department did a hell of a job with the sound editing. The sound of light sabers and blasters are iconic within themselves and hearing them on a good sound system was awesome.

I could keep going on but I need to keep this spoiler free. You need to see the movie. Yes there was a lot of hype behind this film and no, the good reviews are not just hyped fans. The movie is a great step in the right direction in the Star Wars franchise and I think anyone will enjoy it. I wish it was 3 hours long. I cannot wait for Rian Johnsons (Looper, Ozymandias-Breaking Bad) Episode VIII and possibly Colin Trevorrows (Jurassic World) Episode IX.



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