Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton was exhilarating, absorbing and in a way for me, nostalgic. I did not grow up during the days of NWA, so I did not feel the influence they had at the time, but neither did half of my theater. The crowd was young and old, all bobbing their head to the beat. This is one of the reasons S.O.C. is such a successful flick, it crosses many cultures by creating a universal underdog story. Anyone that appreciates good music of any genre and is a fan of art knows that becoming an artist is not easy. NWA achieved their dreams of becoming musicians in an harsh environment called Compton where being colored was a problem. We start off with an introduction to our three main characters, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, each of whom receive equal amount of screen-time and respect throughout the film.  Each actor portraying these characters dissolve into their roles extremely well within the first couple minutes of being introduced to them. The story is constantly moving forward with the help of its amazing soundtrack which is all music by NWA and its individual members. One of the most enjoyable parts about S.O.C. was its soundtrack and being in a great theater that supported it. The build up to the music in most of the film were incredible. The swell and the beat drop created some powerful scenes. Matthew Libatique, Cinematographer for the Black Swan, made sure every scene was rich throughout this film. My mind never diverted from the film, I was committed until the very end. We get too see the not so glamorous side of the early rap industry through sensitive and graphic story telling. Villains show up in the forms of Suge Knight, the FBI, police and society. R. Marcos Taylor gives us conventional villain figure in this film and does a great job at it. We get appearances from many famous rappers, I won’t say who.

I really hope this film leads into some sort of Rap Cinematic Universe. The time for inspirational rap films could not be better. Everything NWA went through, people are going through now.

One of the main issues that critics have with this film is that it is based on true events but many events are absent. If we look at S.O.C. from a different angle, as a form of fiction, it holds up to be an incredible film and one of the best of 2015. Go see Straight Outta Compton as a film and enjoy it for what it gives.



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