X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse, being very different from the comic, stands its ground in various scenes and stumbles miserably in others.

The film starts, I felt, extremely strong and the opening is one of the best moments of the film. We see part of the origins of Apocalypse and what he was up to in ancient Egypt. We also see what human and mutant relations were like during that time which I found fascinating. Oscar Isaac did as much as he could with the character with what he was given. Apocalypse was loud and clear about his goals and what he wanted to accomplish. Much of what made Apocalypse the character and the film uninteresting was the goals of the title villain. His goals of conquering the world and making mutants the dominant species is very vanilla and has a “been there done that” feeling in regards to the X-Men franchise. Apocalypse himself sounded aesthetically pleasing but his look left much to be desired. My opinion would have been to make Apocalypse completely CGI and  have Oscar Isaac do motion capture. Part of the Apocalypse character is his Four Horsemen. These individuals are gathered and walk alongside Apocalypse because they believe in what he believes in. The Four Horsemen in this film are one of the weaker aspects of it. They are built up in a fun way but their end game is very lackluster and disappointing.

This film had the same problem Batman Vs Superman had where there was too much going on making a lot of the movie incoherent and allowing scenes to lose steam. A lot of what made this film enjoyable and powerful to me were a lot of scenes Magneto had. Without going into spoiler territory it would have been much more effective on the audience setting up his story for 10 minutes rather than splitting it up through the first half of the film. I mean somewhere in the 2 hours and 27 minutes there is a good movie, it is just not pieced together properly.

There were however some great moments which I may consider spoilers or at least I do not want to spoil the surprise but X-men fans may be pleased with these scenes. First Class and Days of Future Past were steps in the right direction for the X-men franchise and I believe Apocalypse was as well. We got a taste of the new generation of X-Men, which is probably my favorite takeaway from this.

Overall X-men: Apocalypse is fun at times and I really did enjoy some of the moments in it. Most X-men fans may be pleased with many scenes in the film as much of it felt like fan service. I love the X-men and I really hope Fox does this franchise more justice in the future.



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